Harley Davidson Pandora Charms


The American motorcycle, Harley Davidson is a staple of American culture. These Harley Davidson Pandora Charms are a great way to show your love for the machine that it is. You can’t go anywhere without seeing shirts, hats and bandanas on owners and fans alike. One of the most popular brand in the USA, these beads are a fantastic way to show your loyalty and pride in your ride.
I put together a collection of all the best charms that I could find. These are official licensed products. I think that a bracelet with all of these together would be incredible.

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Pink. Every woman loves pink. Pink on a charm like this adds a touch of “her” to the bracelet.
This is an official HD product. A dangle charm with the logo right out there for the world to see. Expect this charm to draw attention anywhere you go. A conversation piece and a beautiful addition to any Pandora bracelet.

Harley-Davidson® Sterling Silver Crystal Charm Ride Bead.

Harley Pandora Charms

Harley Pandora Beads

Dangling motorcycle with the logo big and bold. This one looks great dangling and has the logo all the way around so you can see what the charm is no matter how you look at it.
Wear a piece of American history with this charm. Whether you ride on the back or own your own bike, this piece says it all. Added to an existing bracelet, this charm will tell the tale of what you do with your weekends. All you need now is an open road and a tank of gas.

Harley-Davidson® Sterling Silver Bar & Shield Motorcycle Ride Bead.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Pandora Charms

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Pandora Beads

This is simply the motorcycle in silver. A replica of the old school motorcycle and the all so familiar logo on the bottom. This charm slides right on to most bracelets with no problem. So for those that aren’t into the dangling this, this one is perfect. Grad her a gift that she will love and promote your bike at the same time. She will always remember those incredible rides through the mountains and the good times you have out on the road.

Harley Davidson® Sterling Silver Motorcycle Ride Bead.

Harley Davidson Logo Pandora Charms

Harley Davidson Logo Pandora Beads

Beautiful and girly, this charm has the butterfly shape with the Harley Davidson logo right in the middle. Smooth line and awesome design make this the perfect Pandora charm to get as a gift. This is just silver, so it won’t mess with the current color scheme of her bracelet but will speak volumes about who she is. That is the nature of these bracelets, to tell the world who you are and what you love. So if you love your two wheeled machine , get this Harley Davidson Pandora charm to add to your bracelet and tell, “I Ride!”

Harley-Davidson® Butterfly Ride Bead.